We invest in technology to make renting EASY for the property owner and EASY for the renter.  Life's too short to worry about this stuff...leave it to us.  

Typical pricing (subject to change depending on each transaction):

  • Monthly management fee: 8% to 10% of gross rents, depending on the transaction

  • Contractor management: Cost + 10%

Why choose Waystone Realty to manage your rental property?  Here are a few reasons:

  • Expert staff with experience managing over $1 BILLION in real estate assets

  • Experienced attorneys on staff to answer and assist with any questions

  • Online portals for property owners, renters, and document management

Here's a sample scope of work for one of our property management agreements:

  • Walk-through with owner to prepare the property for rental

  • Marketing the property for maximum exposure

  • Thorough background checks of all applicants

  • Negotiation and execution of rental agreements with tenants

  • Management of all contractors for maintenance and repair items

  • Collection of all rents

  • Payments of all expenses

  • Monthly and annual reporting to owners

  • Management of inspections

  • Online access to owners for investment performance

  • Online access to tenants for secure payments and maintenance requests

  • 24/7 Emergency Contact

  • Custom services as needed

If you're looking for an experienced and personable company to manage your investment, look no further. Waystone Realty is committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service that will make renting your property a breeze. Contact us today!

Phone: (925) 549-0883

Email: info@waystonerealty.com